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2016:08:21 / Guides and info

The Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Networks 2017

Affiliate-marketing network is a program to monetize your blog or add another income stream to your e-commerce website.Here are the lists of the top twenty affiliating sites.

2016/08/24 / Guides and info

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts to Make Good Money

it is very important to write blog posts which are SEO friendly in order to get the best out of our blogs, one of the priorities being making good money.

2016:08:21 / Guides and info

Top Best Advertising Networks to Monetize Your Website or Blog

Advertising networks are rising daily, offering a variety of monetization models to aid bloggers to maximize the revenue of their blogs and sites, See them all.

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2016:09:30 / Science and Tutorials

Free Beginner PHP Tutorials - String inbuilt functions

PHP internal (in-built) functions. string length, reverse string, shuffle string, string position, string replace and string position in PHP

2016/10/06 / Science and Tutorials

Free Beginner PHP Tutorials - Multi-dimensional Arrays

A multi-dimensional array is An array containing one or more arrays within itself.Tutorial how to create PHP multi-dimensional array

2016:09:23 / Science and Tutorials

Free Beginner PHP Tutorials - basic functions without parameters

PHP basic function without parameters and no return value

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2017:01:14 / Business

7 Business Ideas for Teenagers 2017

Business ideas for teenagers. With the changing economic times, having a business that one enjoys is the way to go.

2016:08:21 / Business

9 Tips of Staying Successful in Your Business

Starting a business is one thing, and maintaining it is an entirely different issue. All that reads in the mind of an entrepreneur is having a successful business

2016:08:21 / Business

How to Start a Business with no Capital and no Experience

it is very possible to start a business with no capital and no experience.Prosperous persons learn from letdown, but the experience they learn is a different a helpful one.

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2017:01:14 / Innovations

Best Android Phone 2016 That You Should Buy For Celebrity

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 remains the finest on my list of Android phones. With the best features like an extensive battery life, the greatest camera, the dual-curved-edge screen and heart-rate scanner, it is the best android phone for celebrity 2017

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2016:08:21 / Fashion and beauty

Five Ways to Wear an African Print

You can never go wrong with an African print. From dresses to tops to shoes to wedding gowns. check these cute ways to rock African kitenge dresses

2016:08:21 / Fashion and beauty

5 Dressing Tips to make you appear younger

Dressing in bright colors draws more attention to the outfit, and less to the face. Below are 5 main dressing tips that will take a few years off your timeline

2016:08:21 / Fashion and beauty

Tips on Wearing Knee Length Boots

Knee length boots make an outfit appear classy. Below are tips on wearing knee length boots for that official and casual look.