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Best android flower photo frames software 2017 free to download

2017/03/18 / App Store

Discover the best and lovely flower photo frames software 2017 for android free to download. It has beautiful rose photo frames designs and background wallpapers.

Flower photo frame editor free download for android phones

Flower photo frame 2017 is an amazing photo frame collage editor with a broad range of frames to choose among. 

Do you know a beautiful day is approaching and you need a great picture framing collage idea to create a smart photofunia of your partner with lovely photo frames? This software then is for you.

This photo maker app has multiple functionalities besides adding frames to images. 
Some of the great functions supported by this 2017 new and amazing application are:

A broad range of photo effects and filters that allow creating an impressive image and art from your original image. This picture effects and filters add smart effects to your image giving it a stylish, a unique and adorable exclusive look.

Some of the effects are:
★ color inversion effect
★ black and white effect
★ Desaturate effect
★ Posterize effect
★ Color toning effect
★ Grayscaling effect
★ Vibrance effect
★ Saturation effect etc ...

Also, you can simply create a custom background with either color or wallpapers. It has a wide range of colors to choose among as your image background color. Besides, it has multiple beautiful background images which you can still set as your background images. 

Note, this app gives a real and original final image, unlike other apps where the background of the final image is rendered and saved as a black background.

Also, you can create a smart PIP effects out of your image. This app supports adding PIP effects to your image. Besides, you can simply control the intensity of the PIP effect blur weight with the seek bar widget.

Also, you can add a border to the image. This app has two border types

a. Single border - Adds a border around the image. You can easily customize the color of the stroke with the color menu. It has a default stroke size of 5px 

b. Multi Border - adds multiple border layers around the image. Also, you easily customize the color of each stroke with the color menu

5.Also, flower photo frames 2017 supports pinch to zoom in and out the image, rotating the image and moving the picture on the screen view. 

Note the following
-Use your two fingers to rotate, resize and zoom in and out the image.
-Use one finger to move the image on the screen.


This app also supports writing text on images. With this app, you can simply add text to your image, style up the text and much more

☪ 50+ HD photo frames to choose from
☪ 50+ background colors
☪ In-app Photo gallery (Browse on all edited and saved photos)
☪ Easy to change background color and patterns! 
☪ Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, pinch zoom in and out 
☪ Easy to add text 
☪ Text styling and editing
☪ 30+ photo effects & filters.
☪ Single Border and Multiple Border with custom colors
☪ PIP effects 
☪ Save to external Gallery
☪Share edited photo to social media networks
☪ text editing with a broad range of styles
☪ Simple and easy design
☪ User-friendly interface
☪ Offline version

To our app users, we always appreciate feedbacks from the app users on how we can improve the functionalities and design of the app to feature the best flower photo frames in the play store. 
We gradually redesign, add features to it day and night to give what our users require 

Before uninstalling, it, email us at damuxapp@gmail.com to tell us the reason why you are uninstalling it and how we can improve it to prevent future uninstalls. If you love it rate us 5* and refer it to others to give it a try.

Finally, it gives a quick way to share your edited photo to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

This software is free to download.

Enjoy ...

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