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7 Business Ideas for Teenagers 2017

2017:01:14 / Business

Business ideas for teenagers. With the changing economic times, having a business that one enjoys is the way to go.

7 Business Ideas for Teenagers 2016

With the changing economic times, having a business that one enjoys is the way to go. We live in a competitive business world, and only those who have the will make things happen. Are you a teenager looking for financial freedom? Do you have a talent? Make real money out of it. Choose from any of the below business ideas and strive to make it happen.

1. Candle Making

This is a full field that comprises of wedding candle, birthday candles, aromatherapy candle, scented candles, Floating Candle, and much more. To be successful in this business, it is vital to arm yourself with the knowledge on how to make the candles, how to market them and choose your target market.

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2. Art Jewelry

Almost everyone embraces art jewelry. I have pieces that I am absolutely in love with. The advantage that comes with art is that it never gets outdated. Every single piece has its uniqueness.

How to go about Art Jewelry Business

Gather information and skill from someone who does it already, or one who has ever operated in that line of business. Attitude is everything. With the right attitude towards it, it is very easy to learn how to combine several pieces of art to make a distinct part. Learn about the market, what various age groups prefer, and what is trending. Get down to work and put your all in it. Lastly and importantly, embrace social media. That is where the real treasure is.

3. Electronics Repairs

This requires an in-depth understanding of the field. For IT and engineering students, do not just sit in class and wait on your degree. Put your knowledge and skills into practice. Electronics break down every single day, and you could use that to your advantage.

How to go about Electronics Repair Business

You do not necessarily need a space to do your repairs. Use flyers, post advertisements over social media, do house calls and leave your cards after every single work done for referral purposes. This line of business requires very minimal capital. Probably for major equipment like screwdrivers.

4. Baby Sitting

This is becoming a lucrative business in the world of today as moms are busy, and most of them do not prefer having nannies. Moms have the advantage that their kids get to interact with other children at an early age and develop quite faster as compared to leaving them with a busy nanny.

How to go about Babysitting Business

To thrive in this business, you need a good space, proper equipment, and a safe surrounding. You require enough beds/ a huge bed, clean room, and some toys. You need to start small as you grow. To spread the word, distribute flyers in church, in schools, and in social meetings where parents are involved. Once one mom is satisfied, you can be sure your business will thrive. Be ready to work extra hours due to the moms who work till late night. For a start, you can just use your house but do away with any objects that might hurt the playful kids.

5. Running errands

There is, and there will always be that person in the corporate sector, or even in business who is too busy to run errands like shopping, putting his/ her house in order, and even making rules of important things. All you need to build trust with your clients and the business will keep on growing.

How to go about Running Errands

For a start, talk to a few people within your circles who may be interested. Walk in offices with your card ready to hand them out. Keenly explain to prospective clients what your business entails, ensure them that they can trust you. Since this is a service field, social media might not help much and again no one will trust a stranger with his/ her car or house keys. Present yourself physically to the client.

6. Agriculture

This is where the real treasure is. People eat to survive. All you need in this field is proper information, the strategy, friendly marketing, and patience. Some fly ladies may refer this to a dirty job but hey, you don’t need to do the digging and harvesting in person. You can remain fly, be a farmer, and enjoy the benefits.

How to do Agriculture

You, of course, will require a piece of land or rather space. With container farming, all you need are containers and a small cubicle for space, and you will be good to go. After getting the space where you’ll do the farming, get the right plant for your particular location, arm yourself with information on how to grow them, their maturity and the pesticides to use. And now to the most important step: identify your market. It could be wholesalers, retailers, food stores, schools, or food stores. Request to see the directors in person, inform them of your produce, and you could strike a permanent deal with a few of them.

7. Baking and outside Catering

I love a nicely baked cake delivered right to the comfort of my home. Lots of people have that extraordinary technique that the other person does not have. Use that as your unique selling point.

How you Start Baking and Outside Catering

For this line, you need the skill to do it. To grow this business, you need to market your products vigorously. Don’t be afraid to stage your products once in a while in social gatherings, just to put your line of business out there. Make beautiful and appealing business cards, and drop them in parties, baby showers, and even in those merry go round groups.

There are a lot of business ideas that you as a teenager could undertake to make your ends meet.  I have just mentioned a few. I will be doing a research and adding more with time. Meanwhile, identify your talent, get a business idea and develop it into a money making activity.

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