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Tips on Wearing Knee Length Boots

2016:08:21 / Fashion and beauty

Knee length boots make an outfit appear classy. Below are tips on wearing knee length boots for that official and casual look.

Tips on Wearing Knee Length Boots

On my previous post, I gave useful tips on how to bring fabulosity to your outfit while wearing ankle boots. Today I shift my focus to knee length boots, another of my favorite stocks. I will educate you on a few tips to wear your knee length boots for a weekend, date, or even for the office. 

1.       Wear brown boots with a pair of blue denim and tack it in. this goes for those with skinny and bulky legs respectively .

2.       Throw some booties on that mini pencil skirt and a coat to bring out the official look .

3.       If you are a lover of midi skirts, we got a look for you. Ensure the boots are slightly below the knee to avoid the lower part of the skirt looking bulky .

4.       A sweater tacked in on a mini skater looks perfect. Complete the look buy having a matching pair of knee length boots.

5.       When the weather is a bit chilly, stay fabulous in your short skater dress but have a stocking in. a pair of knee length boots lets you look glamorous while sealing the warmth in.

6.       Looking style does not require one to past their comfort zone. Choose boots that look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

7.       For a casual and adventurous look, through in some boots on a belted denim shirt.


Which style of wearing knee length boots works for you? Engage us on the comment box. Have a great week as you look all beautiful.

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