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How to Wear Statement Necklaces

2016:08:21 / Fashion and beauty

in the modern world, an outfit is not complete until matched with the right necklace. necklaces bring versatility and class to an outfit. below is a variety of necklaces ranging from gold, to layered and casual ones.

How to Wear a Statement necklaces

An outfit is never complete without an accessory. necklaces in particular serve to add versatility, vigor, and a more color to a rather dull or plain outfit. whether casual or official, the right necklace will definitely change the overall look. below are 12 ways in which you can wear a necklace to finish your look. 

1. Match a silver necklace with a denim tucked in a skater dree. Suitable for casual/ official Fridays.

2. Topping up a collar necklace with a vest gives one a younger look, and draws eyes away from the collar bone to the necklace.

 3. For those that would love to stay stylish but still have the full look of the shirt, having a silver necklace and tucking it in it brings out that effect.


4. Wearing an oversized shirt tucked in a denim is the in- thing. pairing it with a pair of long flowing necklaces completely transforms the outfit to classy, casual look. To make the accessory more visible, it would be great to tie a knot twice at the middle.


 5. Colour clashing ain't for everyone. if you that simp;e lady, throw a completely white pearled necklace on your casual top and you'll be good to go.

6. I am a lover of mixed-colour necklaces. this one is perfect for a casual look and goes perfectly with a vest. 

 7. White is divine. it is even more divine when matched with a flowing long necklace. the preferred color for a white dress would be gold, black, or silver.

8. Through in a shining necklace when in a black outfit. it adds pop to the outfit and draws attention away from the plain outfit on to the shining neck piece. 

  1.  9. for that versatile lady, matching a necklace with a skirt goes a long in screaming ''sleek and stylish''. to make the look more visible, go for voluminous piece.

10. Little could be much for the simple casual lady who is rocking a white tee and rugged jeans. to stand out, throw in a colored necklace and enjoy the stares. this look is so simple yet very elegant.

11. who said wearing a cardigan cuts out the need to look good? to complete the look, wear a flowing color necklace, that covers the chest. this look would be great in an elongated necklace.

 12. Layered necklace is always the real deal. not only does it make the outfit look more expensive than it really is, it makes the bearer look actually young. goes well with a casual look- a tee shirt and a leather jacket.

Look stylish any day, any time of the year, any season. Don't always go for the simple look. Mix colors, add pop and enjoy looking elegant. Experiment with one on your next outfit and experience the goodness that comes with looking fabulous in a necklace.

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