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Guide, tips, and tricks for IMO free Video Calls and Chats: 2017 | Whats-online.info

Guide, tips, and tricks for IMO free Video Calls and Chats: 2017

2016:08:21 / Guides and info

IMO free video calls and Chats became famous, Unlike other alike apps texting, you can send unlimited messages and make calls for free. See tricks,tips and guide for IMO.

Introduction to Chatting with Imo Guide

Before IMO became famous, people relied on online chat programs to conduct conversations online. Most of those programs are now available on different platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone.

You can use the free video calls and chats application for a broad conversation with people who have an account with the popular chat services, such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM/ICQ, MSN, and Facebook.

For this tutorial, I'm going to cover up the most common tricks, tips, and guide for IMO. Most people download this software to enjoy the free services. However, they get dismayed on the way, rebuking it and later uninstalling it without knowing the tricks and tips behind IMO.

How to setup up Imo free video calls and chats

Setting up IMO is one of the tricks and tips of starting up with IMO.

This guide takes you through ten tips for IMO beginners.

After you have downloaded and installed IMO,   register the existing chat accounts that you want to use and determine which accounts you would like to connect for simultaneous sign-in, and then review the Preferences settings. 

1. On the Home screen,  tap IMO. 


2. Ensure that you have an account with the selected service.

Then tap the icon of a service that you would like to access using IMO. 


3.Enter username and password for the selected service, and then tap Sign In to proceed. 


4.If you have successfully, signed in, the chat account is added to the  Me tab list, and you’re signed into your account.


5.In case, you would like to add other chat accounts, tap the 'Add Account button' and repeat the earlier steps, i.e., 2 and 4. 

6.Note that, the next time you launch the app, it recalls your most recent Availability setting. If you would like to sign in as Invisible, first choose it before you are logged out. 

7. How to add a profile picture.

Click or tap the picture placeholder on the Contacts tab, locate the picture you would like to use and then select, crop the image as per your desire by positioning it and resizing the blue selection rectangle. And then tap Done. 

8. How to Link two or more chat accounts in IMO. Tap the Link Accounts button on the Me tab.  Linking accounts allow one get automatically signed in all of them after signing into one of the accounts. 

Linking accounts treat all accounts as a single group. 

How to unlink selectively certain accounts.

Tap the account name on the Me tab and then tap 'Unlink Account' in the dialog box that appears. 

How to manually sign in to the unlinked accounts.

It is just an easy way. Drag its slider.

Note that; you can remove a selected account by tapping Delete.

9.How to configure Preferences for IMO.

Just tap the Preferences icon at the bottom of the Me tab. Set up your preferences and then press the Back key to Go back. 

Examples of preferences:

Auto Start. Checking this checkbox allows IMO launch automatically each time you turn on the phone. 

This contributes to battery drainage and getting unnecessary messages from people who aren’t your Buddies. In case you may not want to use IMO, uncheck it.

You can manually start it if you need it.

10. How to sign out on IMO free video call and chats.

On the Me tab, tap the Sign Out icon and then confirm by tapping Yes in the dialog box that appears. Besides you can also choose Sign Out from the Availability menu on the Contacts tab.

Starting a Chat on IMO

Starting a chat on IMO is another amazing trick behind IMO free video calls and Chats that most IMO users have a great testimony to give because of its significant advantage.

This conversation guide, I'm going to discuss launching a chat to sending a message.

Ensure that you and your friend you would like to engage in chat both are signed into the same chat service such as Yahoo Messenger. The advantage of IMO to other social apps is, it doesn't matter whether you are both using the App or directly connected to the chat service with its dedicated applications or whether you are using different platforms or devices such as a computer, phone, or tablet.

1.First, Launch IMO app, tap the Me tab, and ensure that you’re logged into the desired service. 

Note that, If some or all of your chat accounts are linked together,  signing into any linked account automatically logs you into all other linked accounts. 

In case, you would like to sign out, The Me window shows a green slider for every account you are signed in. Drag the account’s slider to sign out. This is a trick rarely recognised by most IMO users.

2.Optional: In case, you would like to change your Availability, select the Contacts tab, tap the current setting, and choose an option from the Availability menu that pops up. 

3.On the Contacts tab, Tap the person’s entry to see whether is available and begin a chat session. 

4.Enter your message and tap the 'Send button' to send. 

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