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Parenting Tips for Single Dads

2016:08:21 / Guides and info

single parentwood is challenging and proper guidance is necessary to guide one. below are some parenting tips for single dads.

Parenting Tips for Single Dads

Parenting Tips for Single Dads 

I have to admit that being a single parent is not at all easy. Not to say that being a single mom is easy, buy it is even harder if you are a single dad. The single moms can get some dating tips on (website link). Here are some parenting tips that you could employ to ease the process, and make raising your kids even more fun.

•    Ask for help- asking for help does not render you helpless, or weak, or even a minor parent. A nanny comes in handy with toddlers. It is tricky and hard, especially with teenage girls. The best thing you could do as a single dad is requesting an older aunt to help with them.

•    Do things together with your children- sitting down and having self-pity and leaving all to your nanny does more harm than good to your parent- kid’s relationship. Start bonding with your children as early as possible. This could be achieved by changing diapers, cooking with your babies, doing fun activities together, going out for lunch together, and taking them from or to school.

•    Talk talk, talk- as a single dad, it is possible to be caught up with the daily hassles and ignore your child’s need. Be sure to create some time to talk to your kids, get to know what their feelings on certain issues are. Let them open up to your concerning any fears that they may have.

•    Involve your parents or older family members with their families- once in a while, invite your dad or mom. Their presence could be a huge influence on your kids. They could learn a thing or two from the way you relate to your parents. Your parents on the hand are handy with parenting advice. Listen to their advice and correct yourself where possible.

•    Read books on parenting- you can never go wrong with books. Some great writers have critically handled the topic of parenting and especially single parents (dads in our case). Take your time and gain some knowledge from books.

•    Pay attention to your choice of friends- friends can make or break you. With the downside that comes with being a single parent, all you need are real friends, who probably share that part of life with you. Having a few single dads on your social circles will go a great deal in releasing the tension. You will get to share experiences and more tips.

•    Invest and save- the fact that your kids are being raised single-handedly does not mean that they deserve less. They ought to go to the best schools and live a healthy life. This translates to lots of investing and saving. If possible, insure your children’s education to avoid changing schools when a business or the job isn’t doing well.

•    Go on dates- yes I have said it: go on dates. Do not let the work- family routine lock you out from meeting your better half. A happy and a fulfilled parent makes happy and fulfilled children. Get someone to watch over your kids, and get out there. Who knows, the title of being ‘single’ could be fast fading away.

Parenting should be fun and fulfilling. Being a single is all part of the challenges of parenting that could be the equivalent of a different problem experienced be two parents. Enjoy being a dad, and let your kids enjoy being raised by you. ENJOY

Which parenting tip works best for you? Engage me on the comment box below.



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