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Best ways to work from home and earn money online at no cost | Whats-online.info

Best ways to work from home and earn money online at no cost

2016:09:17 / Guides and info

Best ways to work from home and earn money online. Lots of valuable ideas on how to make extra money quickly and fast at no cost to efficiently boost your finances.

Ways to make extra money online working at home

Do you know there are thousands of online jobs which you can work from home and get rich quickly? Have you ever asked yourself why most people who work online term internet money as 'quick money'?. The answers are here with you.
You may have come across several blog posts over the internet highlighting the best ways to make money online, but you were unable to define the best one which fits your current position and situation. Note, not all blogs that exist over the internet are trustworthy. Some bloggers do blogging for the sake of increasing their revenue while a few do blogging to share their ideas, help others achieve their set Goals. This tutorial is helpful to anyone who wishes to discover new opportunities for raising an extra income fast and for free.

I have done thorough research on this topic before writing this post, and every technique listed here is applicable. 

Some of the quick ways of making money online are:

1.Affiliate Marketing
2.Ad monetizing networks
3.Working as a Freelancer
4. Uploading videos on YouTube
5.Buying Selling Domain (Domain and Website Flipping)
6.Data Entry
7.Selling Online
8.Online Surveying
9.Selling Photos Online
10.Online Writing Jobs
11.Selling software online
12.Blogging from Home
13.Selling Facebook likes

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is whereby Webmasters, e.g., bloggers, receives a referral fee or commission from sales they have made by affiliating clients to the merchant's Web site to either fill out a contact form or make a purchase.

If you've got a good popularity on social media or perhaps you even own a blog or website, you can start making money by promoting all sorts of companies' products, services, and other offers online.

How to get started with affiliate marketing.

1.Check affiliate program offers or browse the merchant listings to find something you think your site visitors would be mostly interested in.

2. create an affiliate program account and get your affiliate link and share it on your blog, your website or even on social networks, for instance, Facebook Page, Twitter, etc. 

How it works

1.Your affiliate link drives traffic to the merchant site.

2.If someone performs an activity on the merchant website, that is, buy good or service, sign up, etc., you earn a certain commission.

Join Ads monetizing networks

Ad monetizing network is a company that networks up Web publishers with advertisers, merchants, and other entities that help publishers sell their web traffic while the advertisers buy the traffic.

In other terms, ad network is primarily a middle web company that specializes in bringing together publishers and advertisers. Ad monetizing programs offer a variety of ad networks, which include display ad networks, email ad networks, and affiliate networks.

There are various ad monetizing networks that you can make money from them by placing their ads links on your website or your blog.


-You should own a blog or a site which receives a good number of traffic.

How it works

-Ad monetizing networks offer a variety of ad types and pay on every action performed on the ad.

For example, pay per click, pay per lead, pay per impression, etc. 

Working as a freelancer

We can define a freelancer as a  person who is self-employed and is not committed anyhow to a particular employer long-term.  Most people think freelancing is more of writing, but this isn't true. Freelancing is a broad term used to describe all types of jobs offered online and which does not require a particular time commitment to the job.

Freelancing is another popular way to earn money online with minimal requirements to start. Currently, it is believed that 43% of USA citizens rely on freelancing.

As a freelancer, you can work with small or large companies on a temporary basis and provide them your services and earn yourself income while working at your home. This type of job requires you have the internet at your working place, a fast computer, and the skills.

Note, Freelancers can make several dollars a month depending on the type of expertise you apply as a freelancer.

Some of the freelancing jobs offered are 


2.web designing

3.graphics designing


5.keyword research

6.video production

7.data entry & much more.

There are dozens of most popular sites that create an excellent platform for freelancing.

Some of the best are:







4. Upload videos on YouTube Channel

 As per the current statistics, most people prefer watching videos to searching on Google. 

And with the recently introduced YouTube Partner Program you can earn money by uploading videos to YouTube channel. 

Youtube Partner Program pays developers as per the number of ad impressions and clicks obtained.

You will receive a respective percentage of the advertising revenue collected per every 1,000 views on your video.

However, there are certain factors which you should consider before uploading and release your video to youtube viewers.


2.Number of youtube subscribers

3.Video search optimization, i.e., keyword usage

4.Video quality


We can define video virality as how your video will gain more views within a short period. There are youtube videos which get a huge number of viewers within a short time.

For example, 

1. Breaking news videos, e.g., "Obama won the election" etc. 

2.Animal life history videos tend to grow viral and tend to impress a large number of youtube viewers

3.Prank Videos.

4.Music videos etc

Number of subscribers

Youtube Subscribers are the people who are subscribed to your channel. They get updates for every video you upload on youtube. You can accrue a good amount of income by having thousands or million subscribers on youtube channel.

Youtube Video search optimization

Another factor to consider is how you optimize your video title and description keywords for search results. This one of the factors which have barred most videos from getting a large number of viewers. Besides, you need to optimize your video for top positions on the google search.

Video quality

The quality of the video is another factor to consider. No one enjoys watching video on youtube which has very low quality.

5. Website, Apps, and Domain Flipping

Flipping is the act of buying, renovating and reselling of property. This word was acquired from real estate entrepreneurs who engaged in flipping property activities.

Website flipping, domain, and app trading are other hot businesses to earn extra money online.

 For this post, i will discuss the benefits of flipping Softwares and the rifts to encounter in the IT flipping business.

Website flipping

Website flipping is the practice of buying, improving and reselling of a site at a profit. 

Note: It is an added advantage if you are skilled in web designing because you don't need to employ a web designer to do the site renovation for you. Thus the profit margin tends to be very huge.

  How to go about it: 

Firstly, You need to create a website,  work on it for at least five months to gain more popularity and earn money from it. After those five months,  you can put it on auction on flipping sites like flippa.com.  You can easily get more than 20 times price of your monthly earning from that website.

Besides, there are two ways to follow, to begin with, website flipping.

1. Buying a site at a lower cost from freelancing websites and selling it on flippa sites at a much higher price.

2. Purchasing a site at a lower price, renovating it and selling it on flippa sites after a certain duration.

domain flipping

Domain flipping is another excellent job which most individuals and companies are currently engaged.

How to go about it:

 You can purchase domains at a cost lower than ten dollars from domain selling sites and sell them in future to the needy people for hundreds of dollars. 

Your most required skill is to identify good Domains with a high capability of trading more and more, and that are not already booked. Companies try to find a Domain of their choice, and if they don't  get it, they tend to contact the domain owner for the deal. Also, you can even put your domains on auction so that organizations can buy them directly at your desired price.

Note: You don't only purchase a domain for the sake, but you compute for the probability of the domain getting trading.

 Disadvantages of domain trading.

 1.The probability of your domain getting bought is very low. Besides, you incur the charges of renewing the domain although they are usually cheap. 

2.you must be an expert,  or you should have detailed knowledge before starting the business. 

Note, simpler, short, easy to remember domains tend to trade faster and most companies tend to go for them.

App flipping

App flipping is another hot business to make extra income quick and easy. Although it requires some expertise knowledge to get started. There are two options that you can opt for. Buy application code from sites or individuals that build apps and sell it to several people who then remodify and publish them to the store. Or build it by yourself and also, put your application on auction so that organizations or individuals can buy them directly at your desired price.

Data Entry

The internet is filled with great opportunities that you can work at home and earn yourself a living. One of the most popular is data entry.
We can define data entry as the practice of entering or updating data into a computer system database, often from paper documents using a keyboard, optical scanner, or data recorder.
Data entry is an excellent and paying job to supplement your income. Working online as a data entry clerk can earn you a good amount of money and also equip you with adequate skills in case you are working for a data entry company. You need to be self-driven, time manager and organized to work from home as a data entry clerk. To get started, you need to join freelancing sites, for example, fiverr.com, freelancer.com, etc. and earn you a good supplement for your income while working at home.

Selling Online

Selling online is another hot online business to earn yourself a living. Here comes my story. And I'm very sure you will like it. 

20 years down the lane, I was born. Four years later, I joined pre unit school. That's wen the spirit to understand business clumped into my mind. I want to say. I loved business since I joined my pre-unit class. Dad used to buy for me several toys but never missed to lay his hand on me after I exchange them with a plate of Kuku with the rich gag. I never knew the meaning of the word 'cash' but barter exchange used to be my top business. As I climbed the school ladder, my business continued to flourish. The plastic waste broker recyclers used to pass on our village, but I never missed something to sell to them even if it were my mam's nylon handbags and her plastic shoes at $0.1 per KG. I would accrue $1 for each day they visit our village. My mind for business continued to expand, and I can remember the time, I was almost beaten to death by my dad after selling his Volkswagen (Beetle) tire for only $5. 

Also, I made my first $30 after finishing my primary education by selling my school uniform and textbooks. Also, I did the same after completing my secondary school education and made $ dollars more. 

After joining the university, my business grew broadly and gave me very lucrative incredible returns. That's wen I discovered the online business. I began making money with Facebook page by selling items on my page. I would buy shoes for $3 and sell them on my facebook page at $5. I can remember the time I made an income of more than $200 from selling items online. Currently, I have significantly grown, and I do other hot jobs like software development, graphic designing, and apps flipping.

Online Surveying

An online survey is a questionnaire usually created as Web forms that the target audience can complete over the Internet.
Mostly it is created as Web form with a database to store the answers collected and statistical software to provide analytics.
Companies often use online surveys to gather more information from their customers understanding and interaction with their application.

Online surveying can be an alternative part-time job to earn extra money fast over the internet. However, note that you won't get rich taking surveys, but they will guarantee a portion of your income and also pay your house rent.

There are several companies that offer jobs for online survey and some pay as much as $3 per survey completed.

-Internet understanding
-High-speed internet connection

Selling Photos Online

Selling photos online is another excellent job you can earn a little penny from it. We all like to take snaps, don't we? Most of us, use their mobile phones and camera to capture a few special events like Tour zones, landscapes, etc. 

Later, they end up deleting them or disposing them on the capturing system dustbin.
Do you know, there are a lot of people out there who gonna love your photos and buy them? The answer is yes.
For this article, I will show how you can earn from photography. You don't need to be an expert, to begin with, photography, but a little experience from locally capturing snaps with your low-quality camera of your mobile phone could model you with useful skills for this journey of photography.

First, you need to have an HD Camera. Secondly, signup from stock photography websites and get earning money from it. 

However, selling photos online cannot guarantee you an opportunity to be a millionaire but can give you a small penny for your basic needs.

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