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Traits of Experienced Programmer that every beginner should know

2016:08:21 / Guides and info

Good programmers do not just come out of the blues. below are some of the good traits that a good programmer should have.

8 Traits of an Experienced Programmer that every beginner programmer should know

Not everybody has the capability to be a good programmer. Most lack the desire, others do not have a high level of practical aptitude and others lack the personality required to make a good programmer. To help you understand just what these ‘personality’ traits are, I will break down some of the traits that an experienced programmer has. Being in the field for 8 years now, believe me I know the ups, downs, tricks and ‘’oh no’s’’ in this field. I will take you through 8 crucial traits of a programmer, which can be emulated by the beginners who wanna make it big in this field.

1. Consistency

No programmer wants to be the wonder hit-and-disappear kind of a programmer. A good programmer is reliable. He knows what it is that he wants, and is willing to keep on programming when need be. Not necessarily a 9-5 person, but one who accomplishes tasks and projects without leaving them hanging.

2. Problem solver

As a programmer, I would liken programming to solving a complicated mathematics equations. They are complicated and most seem hard to crack. It is easy to just let go of them and look for a simpler equation to tackle. A programmer is that person who doesn’t give up on a task simply because it seems complicated. They look for solutions to every task. Giving up is a phrase that is never heard of in the world of programming.

3. Planning skills

To plan is to see ahead. Instead of hopping into a new project, a good programmer will first study as much as he/ she can concerning the anticipated end product. As soon as that analysis is completed, the programmer ought to first strategize the project structure before inputting the first line of code. Planning goes hand in hand with consistency. So a consistent programmer is also a good planner.

4. Excellent communication skills

I do not speak the perfect English, but am I good programmer? The answer is yes. Across the years, I have noticed that most of my peers are not fluent English speaker but they do pass for programmers with excellent communication skills. In programming, good communication skills is the ability to express an idea precisely and efficiently. Good programmers are able to pass their points across well. Programmers who experience a tough time conveying their points across or comprehending what others are telling them, may not be successful in the long run.

5. Passion for Programming

This is the most important trait of all times. Passion is everything. Without the willingness to work, it will soon or later go down the drain. Some employed programmers only do the 9 to 5 job, for the salary part of it. These caliber of programmers do not program for long because they only do it for the cash, not for the work. When off from work, nothing close to what they do ever crosses their minds. You do not have to wake up, and go to bed breathing codes. Programmers who lack the passion are never enthused to acquire the best method of doing things and instead, they only engage in a routine, which is not be the best technique of doing things.

6. Detail Oriented

This is what separates a patient programmer from an impatient one. Programming involves dealing with codes whose simple mistake could cost you a whole project. A programmer who pays close consideration to detail will be suggestively more industrious than the one who doesn't. This trait involves evaluation of self –consciousness, which is very crucial for a serious consistent programmer.

7. Ability to cope with changing trends

Technology is constantly changing and the expertise and capabilities a programmer has currently will probably be out-of-date in the coming years. It is, therefore, key for a programmer to be able and willing to educate him/ herself and follow the up-to-date trends. This way, they find it easy to take part in any ongoing education chances that are presented.

8. A good reader

A good programmer reads extensively. Not all the work is about coding. A substantial percentage of a programmer's work day is spent in reading. It could be codes typed by other people, Web sites with examples, papers, or projects. Programmers who do not read extensively, or worse, do not comprehend what they are reading, are mostly incompetent at best, and hazardous at worst.

All in all, a good programmer

 • Recognizes that programming is a resourceful art and is nothing interesting

 • Takes boundless pride in his job and gets abundant contentment from it

 • Attempts to decrease the difficulty of both the problem at hand and the result

 • He/she utilizes his time but is never too occupied to help others hit the books

 • He/she appreciates positive criticism and offers productive criticism for other programmers as well.

• Has failed countless times but is always willing to learn from the failures.

 • Makes his/her decisions without necessarily relying on other people. Sometimes someone needs to make decisions from his/ her heart without the influence of others.

 • is continually learning and gets an excitement from those embarrassing moments. Nothing is too serious. Laugh at yourself at times.

Programming is not for the faint-hearted. Do not try programming at your desperation when everything else could not work out. If you possess the above traits that a good programmer should have, then brace yourself for a life changing experience. Above all, hard work is everything.

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