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How to make money on Facebook page

2016:09:14 / Guides and info

Facebook being the top social site, can be an alternative source of making extra money fast and easily.See some of the best ways how to make extra money fast from Facebook while at your home.

How to make extra money online from Facebook Page

Facebook being the top social site, can be an alternative source of making extra money fast and easily.  Facebook has pulled billions of users each with a different sense of benefit from it ranging from dating to entrepreneurs. For this article, I will discuss some of the best ways you can make extra money from Facebook page while enjoying a warm breeze at the corridor of your homestead.

This article might be the best more so for the beginners or graduates who are looking for a fast, and easy way to create a self-employment for themselves and clear debts of their sponsors. I know most of the internet users keep on asking themselves, how do internet entrepreneurs earn themselves those lots of money online? Take an example of bloggers. How do they earn from their blogging activity? All the answers are here with you.

Now, you have been using Facebook as a dating site, change that mentality instantly, and I show the best tactics you can use to get a free date without effort. 

Some of the ways are listed below. In case you want to add more information, kindly post your article using the contact us form.

First, you need to have a Facebook page and follow the guide below.

The following factors should be considered.

-Your Facebook Fan Page should contain good content

-Invite friends to like your page or you can share you Facebook Page to Groups.

Some of the best ways you can use your Facebook Fan Page to make extra money for free are:

 1. Sell your Fan page posts.

 2. Add an affiliate program which provides link-type affiliate program

 3. Sell ads on your Facebook Page.

Besides, there are other ways you can use to increase your income, but a little fee is required to initiate it.

1. Obtain traffic to your blog or website from your Fan Page etc

Sell your Facebook Fan page posts

Have you ever thought selling your fan page posts could earn you extra income?

Most Facebook users create fan pages because their friends have trending fan pages. They only think fan pages are there to gain more celebrity, comments, and likes.

However, they don't understand the importance of fan pages. According to my understanding, Facebook introduced Fan Pages on their site mainly to enhance entrepreneurs promote their businesses on Facebook.

This article more so is for the online mono's who are looking for new opportunities to earn extra income besides the other job they do. This article applies to anyone, and no technical skills are required.

Steps to Sell your Facebook Fan Page Likes

-First, ensure your Fan Page has more than 1000 likes.

-Sign up at shopsomething.com (Shopsomething.com is a website that buys and sells Facebook likes)

-Set up a decent price per post for your page.

N.B.: Setting up a very high price might scare away buyers from purchasing your posts.

Find an affiliate program

For the new beginners to Affiliate programs, Affiliate programs or networks are automated marketing programs where a Web advertiser or merchant recruits webmasters who get rewarded for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's marketing efforts.

Affiliate programs provide text links, banner links and billboard links for the webmasters or publishers to include them on their website or blog.

Note: It pays you a commission based on how many people you brought and performed the required action on the affiliate program website. 

It is entirely free. You don't incur any cost to the program and is open to anyone who wishes to make an extra income.

For this article, I will discuss how can you earn extra income spending nothing by adding an affiliate link on your Facebook Fan Page.
 -First, you need to signup with an affiliate program.
 You can see the top affiliate programs to add to your site or blog.

-Secondly, include the affiliate link on your Facebook Fan Page and share it on your Facebook Fan Page. Besides, you can post your affiliate link on Groups, friends timeline, etc.

Sell ads on your Facebook Page

Currently, Social media networks are the treasure for the growth of either small scale or large scale businesses. Before the rise of technology, more so the internet, marketing of business used to be the most cumbersome thing ever. Getting a broad range of clients used to be the hardest goal to achieve. Take, for example; you set up an electronic business in an environment where the people around you are less users of electronic gadgets on their houses. Think of that issue and say thanks to the inventors of the technology.

Now, for this post, I will show how you can grow your small scale business by only having a Fan Page.  If you are a business person or an entrepreneur, this guide is for you.

Create a post onto your Facebook Fan Page.

The post should have:
- A good description that clearly describes your business or item.
- Add contacts. More so, cell phone numbers. 

Post your business ad and share it on several Groups, friends timeline, etc. 

Obtain traffic to your blog or website from your Fan Page

Besides the above free best ideas of making extra money on Facebook Page, for this post a little expenditure is required. Facebook provides either free or paid billions of traffic to websites and blogs each month. 

For this article, first, you are required to own a blog or a website.
In case you don't have one, you can pay a freelancer, Odesk or Fiverr web designer to build one for as little as $5. 
Then, for every post you make on your blog, share it on your Facebook Page and engage more visitors by further sharing it on Groups and on your friends' timelines.

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