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The Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Networks 2017

2016:08:21 / Guides and info

Affiliate-marketing network is a program to monetize your blog or add another income stream to your e-commerce website.Here are the lists of the top twenty affiliating sites.

Affiliate marketing networks

Affiliate marketing networks or sometimes referred as an associate company is a multi-billion dollar industry which invites web publishers to include their products or links on their sites or blogs in exchange for a certain amount of money (commission) per every good purchased within a certain duration.


If you have a site verily rich of content with high traffic of people getting on your site, this another chance to

 earn money apart from ads monetization.There are thousands of affiliate marketing networks available on the web that can make you a fortune.


In fact, the secrets behind six-figure salary is affiliate marketing. 


 if you are monetizing your website with the right affiliate network, then you can earn a lot of money with little effort.


Note that, All the affiliate marketing programs have their tracking, reporting, and payment threshold focusing on a different niche, location, promotions, etc. with a range of advertisers.


However, you should not get confused with an affiliate network and an ad network. An ad network pays you either by clicks or impressions 

depending on the ad network you are using


There are several affiliate programs  listed below.

What you should know about Affiliate Programs

Different affiliate marketing programs either in-house or the ones on various affiliate networks have different models.

For example,  Cost Per Lead (CPL)Cost Per Action (CPA),  Cost Per Click (CPC)Cost Per Sale (CPS).


Cost Per Action model pays you for certain actions, and it can range from form submissions, downloads, or surveys contacted, etc.


Cost Per Lead model pays for leads, and it can be through creating an account that involves email or credit card verification.


Cost Per Sale model pays for real sales, and it means a commission based on goods sold.


Cost Per Click model entails clicks through no matter whether your referral traffic helped them generate a lead/sale or not.

Here are the best affiliate marketing networks

Here’s an exclusive list of some of the best affiliate marketing networks on the web. 

1.Amazon affiliate program

Amazon is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs. Their products have more than 2 million sellers out there. Amazon has a very friendly technology which is easy to navigate. Both new and existing users can easily link to amazon.  Apprentices to affiliate marketing with even the maximum inadequate technical know-how will have no difficulties in joining and running with the Amazon associates platform. On the other side, more knowledgeable marketers can generate custom tools and websites with the APIs and innovative applications presented to them. One of the amazing things about the Amazon is that any website can generate income. Whether toys, cars, laptops or accessories, it can make sales if they are bought through an Amazon affiliate link.


1.   Amazon is user-friendly and therefore easy to use. Whether a beginner or an experienced affiliate you can easily navigate though.

2.   It is flexible therefore Loads of items can be purchased via Amazon, giving your ads and links a much broader charm to your guests.


1.   The program has low commission rates that start from as low as 4%. To generate a high number of sales, you will be required to have a lot of traffic. This will ensure that your online business is more sustainable.

2.   The payment procedure is a bit long since Amazon’s affiliate payment terms mean you won’t get your cash for more than 60 days after a sale has occurred. It's a good way to make extra money apart from Google Adsense.


How to signup for Amazon Affiliate program


1. first navigate to  affiliate-program.amazon.com and select your country.

2: Enter your e-mail address and select “I am a new customer.”

3: Next enter your Name, e-mail address and password.

4: Now you will get asked about your account information like payee name and address.

5: Enter some information about your site.

6: Verify your identity by entering your phone number. A PIN generates, and you will receive an automatic call then enter the PIN on your phone.

7: Then agree to the terms and click “Finish.”

 8: After registration, you will be redirected to a 'thank you page' where you can see your new unique Associates ID (Tracking ID). Then Click the button “Get Started Now” in the bottom left a corner of the page.




2. Clickbank Affiliate Program

If you sell digital merchandises, you should definitely consider this affiliate network for your affiliate program. With its 12 thousand sellers and thousands of affiliates, combined with an impeccable account of appropriate payment, it is a sturdy challenger for the top affiliate package. It isn’t an affiliate software; reasonably, it plays the character of a payment processor with a noteworthy affiliate marketing component. This makes it stress-free to constitute both your outlays, and affiliate curriculums, which takes only a few minutes.

Clickbank can be a very profitable affiliate program because the commissions are incredibly high. Some may be as high as 75%. It is because the products are digital, i.e., ebooks, digital products, and there are no distribution costs. That's why Clickbank can be a lucrative affiliate program. As per my opinion, Clickbank is much better than most book affiliate programs because of their large commission, their products are digital and no shipping.



1.      Appropriate payments-The remarkable payment method expends cash to affiliates via direct check payments every one or two weeks. In case your merchant’s business goes broke, you’ll still receive your disbursement through ClickBank.

2.      A high number of products- You will be in a position to sell a high number of products without having to register every product distinctly, as soon as you obtain your affiliate account and ID.

3.      Greater commission rates- The popular of merchandises vended through ClickBank are digital in nature, which means their rates of commission are advanced as compared to other markets. You can market close to between 50% and 70% of every sale.


  1. Product cons: Occasionally, you may be endorsing a product that does not meet your anticipated returns. This is possible due to the merchandise being a scam, something that indeed happens on ClickBank. If the amount of product returns is 10-20%, be very careful.

2.      You cannot receive your payment unless you meet the customer distribution and your threshold. This process may take long so you’ll be required to be very patient. 

3. CJ Affiliate program

This prouds itself as being one of the most extensive networks around, and it is highly likely that those who have tried affiliate marketing, even concisely, have come across it at some point. Almost all key merchants have bids listed on Commission Junction, which makes it more of a one-stop shop in the business. Numerous inventive sizes are accessible from the mainstream of advocates, which means publishers have a better regulation on enactment. With such a widespread network, it is not surprising that this is one of the most common and Grade-A affiliate networks in the globe.

Of important to note however is that CJ Affiliate requires continuous management not like other programs like AdSense.


1.      Enormous Network- this network has over three thousand registered merchants, therefore it has plenty of affiliate links and inventive sizes. This means that irrespective of your niche, this program will always get you an ad appropriate for your site.

2.      Payment trustworthiness- The net-20 imbursement system guarantees well-timed reception of payments every month.

3.      Vigorous reporting- Remarkable reporting proficiencies allow enactment optimization teamers to toil around with their site’s ad outline as much as they would love to. It is this freedom that attracts more and more clients.

4.      Premium commission rates- One co-advantage about CJ is that advertisers often pay premium commission rates for CJ publishers as compared to other affiliate networks.



1.      Challenging for starters: the vigorous reporting abilities might be an advantage but to the beginners, it poses a huge challenge since they are not easy to familiarize with.

2.      Slight customer support- for you to acquire support, you’ll be required to fill a contact form, a process which can be frustrating at times. . The only way to acquire support is to fill a contact form, which can be quite infuriating at times. The huge number of merchants and affiliates who are part of this network make it almost impossible to acquire full customer support. 

4. EBay Partner Network

This network similarly stands in a light similar to the Amazon’s program, since it is run by a website that is a domestic name across the globe. Furthermore, eBay gives out good commissions. This network is run by Commission Junction in the UK and US, and by Affiliate in Germany. You earn whenever someone registers on eBay via your link and goes ahead to place a bid within 30 days of having clicked on your affiliate link. You’ll get paid if someone registers on eBay (through your link) and places a bid within 30 days of having clicked on your affiliate link. You get paid if a registered customer tenders at a live sale on eBay. To make it easier, the program has designed banners which are clearly designed, and make no endeavor at covering the fact that you are an eBay follower.


1.      Products diversity- There are millions and millions of merchandises that you can select to endorse, all grouped and sub-grouped under numerous dozens of classifications.

2.      Periodic discounts- Periodic discounts are offered on brand new items and permit you to obtain more sales especially during the holiday season.

3.      Rapider payment- The payments are made through PayPal, which is way much faster than that of Amazon – you don’t have to wait for 60 days to get your cash.


1.      Burdensome authorization- For your application to be accepted, you are required to have an operational website with an essential amount of traffic, failure of which your application is turned down. Getting an approval without a website is close to impossible, and your likelihoods with a website that has little traffic aren’t very likely either.

2.      Unpredictable Earnings- since this program is based on the earnings-per-click appliance, the earning relies on the quality of the traffic, which means earning good cash will necessitate you to entice high-quality guests to your site.


5. Rakuten Affiliate Network

Voted as the number one Affiliate Marketing Network for four consecutive years, Rakuten Affiliate Network offers you the essential tools to present a lucrative program. With the aid of their spontaneous, easy to use control panel, you can track commissions, payments, contacts, as well as plug-ins, all from same location. This network provides you with actual data so you can do precisely that. Actually, with the aid of this affiliate marketing network, continuing cost-effective relationships between advertisers and publishers can be nurtured.


1.      Spinning Banners- This is undoubtedly the best feature that Rakuten Affiliate Network has in its cache. As an alternative to testing out an advertiser's various poster components one by one, you can just generate a banner that repeatedly alternates all of the ad units randomly. While this may look too simple, it is truly a very beneficial tool as it not only takes full advantage of the visibility of the ad elements, it also saves you time while consuming as little space as imaginable on your website or blog. This is an advantage not only to you, but your guests as well since they will absolutely appreciate how organized your blog is.

2.      User-Friendly Dashboard - One of the good things about this specific affiliate marketing system is the point that its control panel is very easy to use and navigate. Anyone can use the network whether new or existent to this program, as well as affiliate marketing services in overall.

3.      All-inclusive Support Tools- Just registered to affiliate marketing and anticipating to learn the ins and outs? Or maybe you have some knowledge and are just expecting to beef up your familiarity to stay ahead of competition? Whichever the motive, Rakuten Affiliate Network offers you some implausible educational gears and other preparation materials that will absolutely help you in enhancing your affiliate marketing struggles, as well as initiating your commission making stage.

4.      Absolutely Free- Joining Rakuten Affiliate Network and becoming an associate is absolutely free of charge, which many bloggers/ website owners with minute to no budget are sure to be grateful for.



Irregular Payment Timetable – This network has no PayPal option, and has a rather unpredictable payment schedule which is the biggest disadvantage to Rakuten Affiliate Network's package. For instance, publishers only get remunerated after the sum for every advertiser has been assembled. Due to this fact, there is a likelihood that a publisher may receive payment in a weeks’ time, or wait for 60 or more days to obtain payment from other advertisers. In case you are looking for a consistent flow of cash, then this maybe a network that you should not consider.

6. Neverblue

This network is also a renown one. Its has grown over the years and proven its capability in delivering great individual services and worthy offers so as to maintain its relevance as an affiliate network. It is through its reasonable renumerations and assortment of deals that the network has ensured acceptance amid affiliates.


  1. Custom-made tracking system: the custom-made tracking system incorporated into the Neverblue system make organization of things much simpler

  2. Extensive selection: Affiliates are able to choose from a very varied assortment of deals in order to make the most out of their campaign’s efficiency.

3.      Easy sign up: the system has few requirements for one to sign up. This makes signing up for the program fast and stress-free

  1. Follow up: Managers do a follow up of their affiliates to make sure everything is okay

  2. Outstanding User Interface: This network has a user interface which is one of the most restructured ones around, and offers best navigation and search filtering abilities.

  3. Drawbacks

1.      Lengthy approval: Getting yourself accepted after signing up can be problematic at first. This is done deliberately so as to avoid the occurrence of black hat marketing practices.

7. Avangate

Avangate is a network known for devising one of the leading “assortments” of software and other mobile associated apps. PC Tools, Games, Photo and Video Editors, System Utilities, Forex Software, anti-Virus, etc. The network has made available a software or digital merchandises for just about everything you can deliberate of. This network makes payments via PayPal.



One of the benefits that come with this network is that they have a great commission arrangement (commonly 3 times extra than the physical merchandises) and majority of the merchandises have a free sample form. This feature is absolutely great because you can promote the software while still taking it for a test drive since users are not purchasing anything. You can first try it before making the decision of whether to use it or drop it. You then receive a commission upon making the decision to purchase



One major drawback about this network is that vendors do not have the channel to offer marketing resources like banners or text links. You will be required to be inventive or communicate to the seller directly. 

8. Omnistar

This affiliate network has OSI Affiliate Software which permits you to generate and manage their individual internal affiliate network. This is a good platform for dealers since it comes out inexpensive.

If you are an associate, OSI Affiliate Software is a great option to use with merchants. The system operates in this manner:

An OSI Affiliate’s tracking code is added on the website of the merchant. Once you join the merchant’s affiliate program you receive your exclusive affiliate URL. Any transactions made through that URL warrants one payments and commissions.

Here are some of the great features that this network offers. These also add up as the benefits of signing up with network

Features of Omnistar Affiliate Network

Social Share Widget

Their social share widget makes it stress-free to mention your business. Clients and website guests merely offer their email address and begin supporting you. The social share widget permits your clients to promote you by means of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and through sending emails.

Discount Codes and Coupons

This feature offers customers a motivation for obtaining goods with voucher or discount codes. The customers are able to use the discounts at the point of sale. You will rise recommendations and sales by offering discounts and vouchers. This feature reduces rebound rate and rises sales exchanges.

Smart Rewards

Gratifying advocates is so simple. With this program, you can reward advocates by means of 

commissions, vouchers, discounts, gift cards, or any other way you and your partners decide on.

Auto Signup

The referral partner auto signup feature enables one to turn clients into affiliates. Each fresh client that buys from your collection is able to be turned into a product supporter.

Customizable Thank You Pages

You can use the networks customizable thank you pages to make your business recognizable. Any customer who comes across the thank you page can endorse you. It is simple to run recommendation operations, contests, & more using the thank you.

Contest Manager

You can create a contest manager for your referral platform to have advocates involved and interested. By pursuing their presentation to their peers, supporters will be stimulated to support you more.

Email Templates

As an affiliate, you can offer indefinite prewritten email outlines that your recommendation associates can apply to send out to their peers and households.

Feedback Survey

The feedback survey email helps one to find out which clients would endorse your business. After finding out you can straightaway transform those clients to promoters and let them begin to promote you. Clients who decide not to endorse your business will at least leave you feedback. You can use this response to advance your business.

Popups & Forms

You can involve and transform your website guests using the exit intent and scheduled popups. The popups will construct your email list, rise exchanges, and decline bounce rates.

Partnership Automation

The network’s software makes it simple for your business to progress trusts. Partners can endorse your business to their spectators and this will, in turn, raise your sales.

9. Linkshare

Linkshare is now a part of the Rakuten affiliate network. Although this network has been there for years now, its performance has been overtaken by some other popular networks like amazon and CJ Affiliate. Of important to note though is that before one could start an affiliate network, they must be keen to have a bigger playing field since the industry is highly competitive and there is a high probability of being taken over.

Despite the competition, this network has a couple of outstanding features which distinguish it from the other networks. First, it automatically revolves through the different banner ads for a particular product, which makes your blog/ website simpler to manage and enhance in the long run. As an alternative to having you physically choose the 300×250 ads that should be run, this network permits the rotation of numerous varieties with just a single code snippet.

Secondly, it likewise has a larger degree of flexibility when it comes to in-depth linking to specific merchant landing pages, which means a greater customization probability for your operation.


1.      Rotating ads; this is actually a great advantage of this network though it may seem minor. It is helpful in streamlining the time and effort consumption during management or optimization.

2.      Flexibility in linking; with this network, you are in a position to select the page of the trader’s site that the click is focused to, which permits you to better regulate the top approach to funnel affiliate acquisitions.


1.      Unpredictable payments; You only receive your share after the commission has been gathered from the trader, which can lead to deferred/unpredictable payments. This is troublesome when likened with the consistent net-20 system available in the other networks.

2.      Small network; compared to other affiliate networks like amazon, CJ Affiliate or eBay, this network is much smaller. Using it, therefore, means you will have lesser opportunities of landing a profitable platform


This is still another one of the largest affiliate programs functioning on the internet, with more than 3800 business people on board. Approximately a thousand of these traders are Shareasale exclusives, and one has got the choice to pay attention to these dealers, whose proposals aren’t obtainable on any other platform. This network has numerous varieties for bloggers who write about SEO, marketing, webmaster tools, business, themes, and interrelated topics. For example, the majority of the prevalent themes, such as DIY Thesis, WP Engine, StudioPress, eXpand2web, Headway, and SEO tools, such as InboundWriter, Scribe, Raven, etc., are all available.

Shareasale gives plenty of figures for the proposals an affiliate is running comprising of Average Commission, Average Amount of Sale, Reversal Rates and Earnings per Click. Even yet these numbers aren’t direct assurances of what you’ll get remunerated, they absolutely will provide you a supportive illustration of your operation’s appeal. This makes Shareasale an exceptional choice for both affiliate marketers and traders (or advertisers) as well. Dealers looking to enlarge their influence and upsurge sales can take advantage of the sales drive this network can offer.


1.      Easy comparison of offers: as an affiliate marketer, you will be required to select from a variety of offers made available to you. This network permits you to calculate the finest one on the basis of crucial metrics.

2.      Speedy payment: you will receive your payments on the 20th of every month if your account has a minimal balance of $50.

3.      Extensive network: The Shareasale network encompasses more than 3800 merchants, amongst whom, about 1000 are not functioning on opponent platforms.


1.      Inefficient Reporting: The reporting edge of this platform is a little bit old, and is not as spontaneous as the ones presented by competitors. Although this is not a deal breaker, it definitely takes some time to sink in.




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