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app store optimization on google play for Higher Downloads

2016:09:15 / Guides and info

For more downloads, I will highlight some important app store search optimization techniques that will guarantee you a higher rate of downloads on Google play store.

Application Search Optimization Techniques for Higher Download Rate on Play Store

Building an application can be a very tiring process. The work though is not done by just completing and uploading it on play store. Many people I included (before I got the right information) get frustrated when their app does not get a single download over time. Developers ask many questions like “what can I do to get higher downloads on play store? “,   “how can I model my application differently so as to attract more downloads?” I know how that feels and that why I will highlight some important application search optimization techniques that will guarantee you a higher rate of downloads on play store. (Of IMPORTANCE TO NOTE is that there is a huge difference between app store and play store). This article focuses on play store.

How to Optimize Your App on Play Store

               Keywords placement 


      According to Fiksu, placing your major keyword in the title of the app can intensely boost your position. Fiksu also recommends that you  use the name of the app for your keyword. In case this seems complicated, you can just come up with an app name that encompasses the major keyword. The keyword positioned in the title ought to be the one with the most search traffic. Spend quality time investigating which keyword to use because altering your title frequently to comprise different keywords can be disadvantageous.

               App Description

      Unlike the app store where you cannot search the app description, it is quite different on play store. Therefore, make sure you use your keywords on the app title and in the description at least three times . On the Google Play Store, you wanna make sure you repeat your main keywords with a great frequency. The first portion of your Google Play app description also becomes the meta description on your app’s open web page. Be conscious of the web search languages you want to rank for and put them to the opening of your description.

            The Design

      Just like any other store, clients are attracted to stuff with beautiful designs. For your app to have more downloads, ensure that it has a beautiful logo design and beautiful screenshots. A good design and clear screenshots prompt a client to download your app.


      Good Ratings 

       Do everything you can to get good reviews since they play an important part in the rank and search algorithm. Clients also love to download an app with only good reviews. A negative review can be a spoiler to your app so make an effort to avoid negative ones.

      Usage frequency

      Come up with a great app that will make users addicted to downloading and using it on a regular basis. The more the downloads, the more the app becomes visible on search and the better the rank.


Google play store permit the usage of video to highlight the functionality of your application. Adding an HD video to your app can have a very high impact on downloads and more the rate of downloads, more the app becomes visible on store search.


 Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a particular locale or market achieved through translating your product description and designs to several languages.
Translating your app to several different languages exposes your application to larger market niche, and this can significantly increase downloads.


A backlink is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent).
Backlink plays a great role in boosting the ranking of your application on play store thus more app downloads. Note, backlinks should be placed in a manner that relates the referer content or title to the linked web resource. Google lays heavy penalties to web pages with unworthy backlinks, that is, backlinks referrer and referent contents are unrelated. 

For example of an acceptable backlink.
Let's say your application is about education. Your backlink should be linked with other websites posts related to education or talking about education. 

Besides, backlinks drive more traffic to your application, and some  people may get interested in it and end up downloading it.

Application update

Play store has the section for the new updates. The more you update your application, the more is visible on the new updates app section and more downloads for your application.
Make sure you update your app at least once per month. Note, you should update your application for a better look and new features. Avoid false update because it may lead to the app users uninstalling it.

Application Installs versus uninstalls

Application with very high rate of uninstalls tends to lose the grip of ASO on play store. Google algorithm detect it unworthy and poorly designed app, and this may lead to down ranking of the application on first pages of search. You need to keep on updating your application to a better quality, and that is pleasing to your users to avoid app uninstallation.

Download sample from play store

You can see a good android app from play store with a good title, keyword usage, description... The app lacks  backlinks and updates for higher downloads. Install to view the graphics behind the application.

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