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Best Android Phone 2016 That You Should Buy For Celebrity

2017:01:14 / Innovations

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 remains the finest on my list of Android phones. With the best features like an extensive battery life, the greatest camera, the dual-curved-edge screen and heart-rate scanner, it is the best android phone for celebrity 2017

Best Android Phone 2016 That You Should Buy For Celebrity

Every celebrity requires a great phone. Not just a great phone, but an excellent one. With the name and class that comes with being a celebrity, it requires one to be at the top. The new Samsung Galaxy S7 remains the finest on my list of Android phones. With the best features like an extensive battery life, the greatest camera eminence, and it has a lot of extra structures like the dual-curved-edge screen, heart-rate scanner and a new always-on display a feature also found in the typical Galaxy S7 and LG G5. I admire its quality metal-and-glass, water-resistant build.  Even though there isn’t a vast volume new in the model this year, Samsung certainly didn’t require to make any gigantic enhancements to maintain its brow for the finest Android phone.

Before the S7 version, S6 was the one on the market but it lacked some main elements like expandable storage and water resistance. So far so good for the Galaxy S7 edge which is an enhancement on its antecedents – the Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge+. Samsung has at the present toiled around with several curved screen smartphone and what one thought of as an attention grabber is now a genuine innovation already. The double edge screen has extra functionality so the Galaxy S7 edge is a somber challenger for the finest celebrity android phones of 2016. Below is a full and comprehensive review of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. 

Samsung has settled on a distinct dimension for the Galaxy S7 edge and the phone appears intensely spectacular with its twin edge screen design. Once more, there's an amalgamation of metal and glass which looks shiny and finest but also feels slippery and gets sloppy a bit too relaxed. Even though it appears comparable, it's now completely water-resistant without the faff of stuffs like port covers.

Samsung has also included an additional major feature that make fans appreciate it even more. It is the inclusion of storage which can be expanded through the Micro-SD card opening. That's two out of three and even though the battery is still not detachable, it is larger. A bigger battery cell translates to a longer battery life and we surely don't mind that the phone is a bit heavier to enable this and make the camera bump lesser.

According to Samsung, the inclusion of a new processor helps out with the battery life. There's a gigantic 4GB of RAM and the Galaxy S7 edge breezed through standard checks setting some fresh records. As you would suppose, the Galaxy S7 edge comes filled with another tech comprising of a fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, however the IR blaster has been plunged which will be a humiliation for some people. A better deal is being made regarding the camera which has less pixels than the Galaxy S6 at 12Mp but Samsung flaunts astonishing low light presentation with the f/1.7 opening and 'Dual Pixel' expertise. I am really fascinated with the camera and even though it's one of the greatest on a phone, it's possibly not as noble in the dark as Samsung makes out. 

The 'Always On' screen feature is however not as extensive as I expected. It is simply a software feature which displays some rudimentary info on the display to prevent you from unlocking the phone. It's convenient but doesn't do as much as I assumed and there's a minor extent of control over it. That said, there are sufficiently number of cool features concealed away in the settings which you'll be eager to discover containing some present ones like Smart Stay.

The Galaxy S7 phone has a Game Launcher which is one software feature which assists you be a good player by performing things like hindering notifications, sinking the frame frequency to save power and record the screen while playing. The twin edge screen makes the Galaxy S7 edge stand out and the main modification when likened to the regular model. Valued at £639 from the certified Samsung store, the Galaxy S7 edge is one of the best costly smartphone on the market. If you're contemplating buying it over the regular S7, it will cost you an extra £70 which isn't much of a premium to gain the dual edge display.

Samsung has advanced and enhanced what it can do with new edge panels and bigger control. Using this phone is definitely a luxury and you should probably consider getting one.

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