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Free Beginner PHP Tutorials - die and exit functions | Whats-online.info

Free Beginner PHP Tutorials - die and exit functions

2016:09:26 / Science and Tutorials

How to use the die() function to print a message and exit the current script in PHP.

PHP die() and the exit()

The die()  and the exit() functions are more of the same. They Perform the same activity.
They print a message and end the current script. 

Mostly, these functions are used to terminate the current script if it returns false.


exit(message); die(message);


<?php     $filepath = '/path/file';     $file = fopen($filepath, 'r') or exit("unable to open file ($filepath)"); ?>

The above example will try to open and read the file in the $filepath directory. If the file does not exist in the specified directory, the exit () or die () function executes.

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