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Free Beginner PHP Tutorials - Global Functions and variables | Whats-online.info

Free Beginner PHP Tutorials - Global Functions and variables

2016:09:26 / Science and Tutorials

Tutorial how to create Global Functions and variables in PHP to referenced inside a function

PHP Global Variables (Superglobals).

Note, Superglobals are variables available in all scopes and were introduced in PHP 4.1.0.

For this article, I will explain the two types of PHP superglobal variables.
-built-in global variables 
-user-defined global variables

PHP built-in global variables

These are predefined PHP variables (built-in) and are accessible from any function or class regardless of their scope.

Some of the PHP built-in global variables are:


user-defined global variables

These are user defined global variables which are declared as global from our function.
We use the keyword 'global' to declare our variables inside our function.


<?php $x=20; $y=30; function findProduct(){  global $x, $y; $area = $x * $y; echo"Our product is: ".$area; } findProduct(); ?>

Output: Our product is: 600

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